Alma, CO
Type Town

Location Park County, Colorado
Inhabitants Deceased
Alma is a small town in Park County, Colorado, where the Purple Eyed Demon kick starts the Apocalypse and destroys the town.

Season Two Edit

Alma first appears in "She Doesn't Even Live Here", after May gives Brandon the co-ordinates to the town on orders from Purple Eyes.  The group travel to the town, and StanMaggie and Ollie enter, discovering that the town is empty. They reach the graveyard and receive a warning from Bran to get out of there immediately. As they escape, part of the town explodes, and a whirlwind of spirits and demons appears where Alma used to be.

The kids, in two groups, return to Alma in the season finale, "We Should Totally Just Stab Caesar". Ollie and Bran enter alone, heading towards the graveyard where the defeat Purple Eyes. However, the fight left them fatally injured and they died in the graveyard. The other kids drop bombs made of salt, napalm and holy water in the hopes of levelling the town and the monsters within. They later discover the bodies of Ollie and Bran and bury them in the nearby forest.