Brandon Hawkes
Name Brandon Hawkes
Alias/Nicknames/Also Known By Bran

Brandon Crowley

Place of Birth Sheffield, England
Age 18
Date of Birth 10/06/88
Date of Death 15/03/06
Species Human
Occupation Hunter

Status Alive (Resurrected)
Height 6'2
Family Margaret Hawkes (Sister)

Malcolm Hawkes (Father, deceased)

Nina Hawkes (Mother, deceased)

Oliver Snider (Boyfriend)

Amelia Barnes (Ex Girlfriend, deceased)

Demon Baby (Son, deceased)

David Harker (Paternal Uncle)

Jonathan Harker (Paternal Ancestor, deceased)

Wilhelmina Harker (Paternal Ancestor, deceased)

First Seen S01 E00 - Unaired Pilot
Last Seen S03 E04 - "Danii Evans' Precious Little Life"
Actor Connor Jessup

"After everything that you've done, what made you think that you had the right to hide this from me?"

– Bran to Danielle Evans, S03 E04 - "Danii Evans' Precious Little Life"

 Brandon "Bran" Hawkes is an eighteen-year-old English hunter who lived a normal life with his sister, Maggie, and his parents until the death of his mother, Nina. After her death, Malcolm decided to avenge his wife by driving vampires to extinction, introducing his children to hunting and eventually bringing them to the United States after emptying the British Isles of vampires.

Bran was the dedicated researcher of the group until his disappearance in July of 2005, often formulating his own plans and leaving the rest to their own devices while he dealt with the problem in his own way. After his disappearance, Bran began shutting himself off from his friends, with the sole exception of Ollie, with whom he worked with to take out the Purple Eyed demon who had ruined his life. He died averting the Apocalypse in Alma, Colorado.

In March 2007, he was brought back to life and was eventually brought back the to other kids.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Born and raised in Sheffield, England, Bran lived a normal life until the death of his mother. He never got along well with Mal, but he had always been close to his mother, sharing many of her hobbies and interests. Under her tutelage, he learned how to speak fluent French and play both the guitar and piano. 

In June 1999, a vampire broke into their house to get revenge on Mal for the death of his nest and attacked the family, injuring Bran and fatally wounding their mother. Mal declared revenge, abandoning their family home and their grandparents to track down the vampire responsible. Mal taught the siblings to hunt, and they caught up with the vampire a month later. Mal quickly dispatched it, but decided that one vampire wasn't enough, declaring war against vampires as whole and smuggling his children into the United States to continue his vendetta once there were no more vampires in the United Kingdom. 

Bran quickly established a hatred of America, refusing to speak to Maggie and outright ignoring Mal for two months.  In January 2002, they met Petra Snider and her children Ollie and Stan while clearing out a vampire nest in Cleveland, Ohio. Deciding that hunting as a group would lessen the hazards, Petra invited the Hawkes' back to the RV, asking them to stay with the Sniders and work together. Mal agreed, much to the annoyance of Bran. Within hours of being on the RV, Ollie had single-handedly driven Bran to breaking his silence through sheer annoyance. Bran flipped a table in anger and proceeded to throw every insult he knew at Ollie, largely confusing the other boy due to differences in slang. After that, much to Bran's displeasure, the twins forced him to be their friend and before long, Bran found himself actually caring about the two.

After the appearance of the other families on the RV, Bran retreated into his solitary ways, often resulting in Ollie forcing him to socialise or get involved with the Snider's prank wars. 

In 2004, Bran began developing psychic powers of unknown origin, possessing the ability to see the future through premonitions. However, these premonitions took a toll on his health, causing him to suffer from seizures and chronic migraines during and after the visions.

Season One Edit

In the "Unaired Pilot", Bran and Ollie were caught up in a hunt in Sandersville, Georgia alongside Mal, Petra, Dusty PrestonTony Espinoza and Cassandra Davenport. As they arrived at a motel on the outskirts of the town, Bran had a premonition of blood, claws, teeth and a substantial body count. Waking up on the ground of the parking lot he was in, an annoyed Bran retreated back to the RV with Dusty and Petra while the others went into the motel. When Bran rejoined the rest of the party, a barbeque was in full swing. Still suffering from the aftermaths of the vision, Bran went to one of the motel rooms to take a nap. A while later, he woke up to the feeling of someone watching him. Freaked out by this, Bran rejoined his father and attempted to get a cup of tea, only to rediscover his hatred of America when Jed tried to microwave the water, not understanding the concept of a kettle. Bran joined Dusty outside the motel for a cigarette, and was further confused by witnessing two other guests of the motel putting their hearts and souls into a rendition of "Livin' La Vida Loca" by Ricky Martin. Returning to the motel, they discovered that their bags had been taken from their hotel rooms. Bran accompanies the others to the motel rooms to try to figure out what happened, but they are attacked by Jed who reveals himself to be a Rakshasa. The parents fight off Jed, who has turned invisible, and discover that Jed cannot be injured by any of their weapons. Bran, after escaping from Jed, joins Tony in melting down brass in the barbeque to coat their weapons with. After Jed is killed by Dusty, the group barricade themselves in the motel lobby. A Crossroads demon appears and offers them a deal -  he will kill the Rakshasha if someone else makes a deal with him. Bran wavers, tempted to ask for a cup of tea, although Dusty beats him to it, receiving tea as a free peace offering. Bran expresses his desire to beat the Rakshasha to death with a brass kettle and the demon provides one, interested in seeing it occur. Eventually, they defeat the remaining Rakshasha and burn the motel down as they leave.

"Pilot" begins with the kids in a McDonalds, where Bran is once again offended by the quality of American tea. After pouring the tea onto the counter, he accompanies Ollie and Stan to a nearby Starbucks before joining the others on the RV. Bran passes the trip to Abbot, Texas with Ollie and Stan, hiding his smoking from his sister and playing pranks with the twins. Upon arriving at the house of the man who had called them, the group realise that they had gained a new member -  a paramedic by the name of Sam Tanner who had been brought onto the RV by Mary Preston. After speaking to George, an acquaintance of Mal's who had been attacked by Chupacabras, Bran and the Sniders leave for the town in order to gather information.

In "Lying On The Cold Hard Ground", it shows that their attempts to gather information were in vain, as all they accomplished in their trip was getting mildly tipsy in the pub and discovering that the local teenagers were psychopaths who enjoyed murdering cattle. On their way back to the farm, the three decide to pay a visit to the local Police Station, in order to draw attention to the fact that Mary and Elliot were not police officers after they had previously gotten guns from the Sheriff under false pretenses. While at the police station, the Sheriff received a call from a farmer reporting that his daughter had been kidnapped. Bran and the Sniders go to the other farm to rescue the missing girl. Bran speaks to the family and is accidentally shot in the shoulder by Ollie when he tries to join up with them. The three fight off a hoard of Chupacabras and retreat to the RV, picking up Sam on their way back to George's. Bran receives medical attention from Sam and proceeds to drive back to the farm while the Sniders get ready for a fight. As they reach the farm, Bran stops the RV having noticed a bomb set up in the middle of the road. Assuming it was a trap set up by Franko and Elliot, they detonate the bomb from a safe distance and continue on, narrowly avoiding a collision with Franko and Bel on the road. Bran refuses to answer a phone call from Maggie, claiming that it would be irresponsible to answer the phone while he's driving, and the three run for the woods as soon as Bran parks the RV. Desperate to avoid Maggie, they climb a tree in the forest, causing Bran's injury to worsen. Maggie catches up to them, and in an attempt to escape, they find themselves standing on armed landmines. They realise that the traps had been set up by the Chupacabras, who had been learning from the other kids on the farm. Elliot annoys Bran by refusing to give him the bottle of whiskey Elliot had been carrying, and Bran replaces himself with Elliot on the landmine. Elliot leaps from the landmine in order to attack Bran, who holds him off by keeping him at arms length. Bran is relieved to discover the landmine Elliot had jumped off failed to detonate, and he and Stan disarm on of the others while Gabe and Franko take care of the last one. After Franko and Gabe kill the Chupacabras at the farm, Bran has a premonition of more Chupacabras in a nearby cave, with one Chupracabra bearing a glowing sygil on its head. Exhausted and in pain after the vision, Bran joins an injured Ollie on the roof off the RV to keep watch while the others approach the cave. Decided to drink their way through the pain, Bran and Ollie pass the time with a bottle of whiskey and many painkillers, refusing to leave the roof when the others return. 

In the mini-episode "On The Third Day", Bran is recovering from his shoulder injury in Bobby Singer's Safe House in Wichita Falls, Texas, alongside most of the other kids. Having ingested a large amount of whiskey and pain medication, Bran spends the duration of the episode lying on a couch with Ollie, drunkenly talking about nonsense and declaring that if he were gay, Ollie would be his second choice, following Gabe

The next day, Bran is completely unhelpful with assisting Franko with the rattle snake on the RV, deciding to google search the problem and relaying the absolutely useless advice to Franko, before provoking the rattlesnake into attacking. While attempting to make a cup of tea several minutes later, the rattlesnake appears, coming out of the pipes in the sink. Bran beats the snake to death with a kettle and throws the mangled kettle out of the window at Franko, hitting him in the head. Later, Bran takes the bucket of snake guts and dumps them on Ollie, leading to Ollie going into a blind rage and chasing Bran around the RV. A tarantula appears during the chaos, which Franko shoots, also hitting Bran in his injured shoulder with the bullet. Ollie throws Bran to the ground and after Ollie is knocked out by the combined efforts of the others, Sam attempts to patch up Bran's shoulder again. Franko, seeing that Bran is furious at Sam for coming at him with a needle, jams a needle full of morphine into Bran's arm, causing him to overdose and pass out. He is later abandoned at a nearby hospital by Franko and Gabe.

Bran is out of the hospital in "Poor Life Choices", where he accompanies Stan and Ollie into an abandoned and broken down house near the gas station they have stopped at to refuel. Discovering that the house is haunted by the ghost of a teenage girl, Bran proceeds to insult the houses interior decorating, her hospitality and her cooking skills. The annoyed ghost causes two pizzas to appear in front of the boys, one with a pentagram carved into it and another which looks like an angry face, which the boys later refer to as the Necronomopizza. Bran continues to insult the ghost, and she appears to leave their plain of existence in protest. After Ollie leaves the Necronomopizza with Elliot, the three head to a nearby pub to pass some time.  In the next two days, Bran begins dating Bel, much to the distaste of Maggie. Maggie then finds out that the Sniders were the ones who shot Bran in Abbot, and an argument ensues. Franko keeps drawing Maggie's ire towards himself and Bran tries to keep Franko out of the fight. Franko later decides to get Bran back for the insults Bran threw at him by pretending to be Tony and texting Bran, threatening to kill him. Bran, with minor fear, makes jokes about the entire thing, playing up his fear for entertainment value though the appearance of Crowley on the RV causes the group to become concerned. Introducing himself as the King of Hell, Crowley asks Bran to accompany him for a while so they can chat. Realising that Crowley is a crossroads demon, Bran seizes the opportunity to get some answers about his premonitions and goes with him. They appear in a study and Bran and Crowley chat over a cup of tea and Bran discovers that the premonitions are of demonic origin and Crowley offers him a deal - he will answer all of Bran's questions if Bran give Crowley his soul. Crowley leaves Bran on the highway he took him from with the promise that Bran will consider the deal. Bran contacts Stan and asks him to come and pick him up, without telling Maggie. Stan does so, bringing Ollie along. The two proceed to dump eggs on Bran when he gets into the car, and they head back to Bobby's safe house to meet up with the others. 

In "Parental Supervision Required", Maggie receives coordinates to Cairo, West Virginia from Mal. Assuming Mal is sending them on a hunt, and annoyed Bran calls Mal, demanding that Mal tell him exactly what they're going to be dealing with and why the parents aren't doing it. Mal explains that they were on their way, but news of a nearby vampire nest came in and that took priority. Furious that Mal's "Revenge Crusade" takes precedences over all else, Bran berates Mal for being a poor excuse for a father and hangs up. After confirming that they would be dealing with werewolves in Cairo, Bran has a premonition of everyone he loves dying and a brief flash of oddly coloured eyes. He is left with the certainty that that is what happens if he stays with the group. Shaken by the premonition, he lies when the others ask him what he saw, claiming it was the usual blood-and-teeth. After reaching Cairo, the group discover that the town could all be werewolves part of a nazi supremacist group, the ARDF. The group decides to leave Bel, Bran and Maggie on the RV with Ollie and Sam and head into town without them. Bran decides to contact Crowley, asking him to meet him in the nearby woods and sneaks off the RV through a vent in the bathroom. Crowley offers Bran the same deal, and Bran reluctantly agrees, rationalising that finding out who was causing the premonitions and how to stop them was worth the price. Crowley tells Bran to meet him in Columbus, Ohio in five hours. Bran returns to the RV, and, finding Ollie and Maggie distracted fighting a terrified Sam, writes a quick note telling the others he was leaving and leaves the RV, stealing a car in town and driving out of Cairo, breaking and throwing away his phone as he left. As he approaches a bridge to the next town, a police officer pulls him over, telling him the bridge is out and that there is a detour through the mountains. Bran follows the road and pulls over in a diner to get a cup of tea. Not realising the tea is drugged, he drinks it and passes out.

Between Season One & Two Edit

In the six months between Season One & Two, Bran is an amnesiac who is aimlessly wandering throughout the United States. He has no idea who he is and his short-term memory has been damaged to the point where he can only remember events for a few weeks after they happen. During this time, Danii, a ghost which at some point began living in Bran's head keeps him out of danger. Danii holds back any vague memories of his family and friends that Bran has, as she knows that he wants to stay away from them and is afraid of going back to them. During the six months, Purple Eyes kept a close eye on Bran, slipping demon blood into Bran's drinks wherever possible, causing his psychic powers to manifest into the power to melt people's brains. Unable to control this power and not knowing when he is using it, Bran has killed a number of people who have upset or angered him, passing out afterwards due to the mental strain. Once he wakes up after these incidents, he has no idea what happened and his memories are blank up until that moment. 

About a month before Season Two begins, Bran meets Amelia Barnes while staying in St. Louis, Missouri. The two begin dating, but two weeks later Bran's memory resets after killing someone for angering him and he leaves her behind, travelling to Denver, Colorado.

Season Two Edit

In "Get In, Loser. We're Going Hunting", Stan and Ollie find a video on youtube of Bran killing a McDonalds cashier. They find Bran in a Starbucks not far from the McDonalds and demand to know where he's been for the last six months. A confused Bran has no idea who they are and tries to leave when Sam knocks him out with a sedative patch. Danii takes control of his body and continues trying to leave. Bran wakes up and regains control, agreeing to go with the others to find out who he is. He accompanies them to the RV, where Stan knocks him out again. Danii, realising that Ollie is already suspicious that there is someone who is not Bran in his body, doesn't take over, confirming to Ollie that Bran is not the only one there. Sam briefly considers restraining Bran to stop him leaving, though Ollie vetoes the idea. When Bran wakes up, Danii tells him about Sam's plan, and an angry Bran tries to leave the RV. Sam pulls out a gun to stop Bran leaving, and an increasingly furious Bran unknowingly uses his powers, hurting Sam but not killing him. Ollie follows Bran out of the RV, asking Bran does he know about the other thing in his head. Bran, still furious, tries to leave though Elliot catches up to him and refuses to let him go. Growing increasingly upset by the situation, Bran begins using his powers on Elliot. Ollie asks Bran does Bran even know that he's doing it, to which Bran is confused as to what Ollie means. Elliot lets go of Bran before he dies, and Ollie demands to speak with Danii. Bran tries to call the police, but Ollie hits him, knocking him out. Danii takes over and slams Ollie into the outside of the RV. The police arrive at the scene and Bran, Stan, Ollie and Sam are taken into police custody. 

During the interrogation, Bran tells the officer what happened, telling him that he had been kidnapped and drugged by the others and that the police should check the RV for illegal weaponry. Bran is offered his phone call and calls a number he remembers. Crowley answers and tells Bran that he'll be there shortly.  A while later, Crowley appears at Bran's cell and tells Bran about Danii and gives him his memories back, though they come back slowly and stop on the way to Cairo. Bobby, Dusty, Petra and Cassie arrive shortly after, breaking the group out of the prison and taking them back to Bobby's house. Bran's memories coming back leaves him disorientated and upset and he locks himself in Bobby's study and throws himself into research on demons to find out what happened. The memory of the premonition comes back, and Bran wrecks Bobby's study due to stress. Maggie breaks into the study and demands to know what's going on, and an upset Bran tells her as little as possible. Maggie leaves, and Bran calls Crowley, asking about the Purple Eyed demon. Crowley agrees to look into it, and Bran talks to Bobby, explaining everything that happened. Ollie later drags Bran outside to talk, and Bran tells Ollie almost everything he knows. Ollie tells Bran that he'll help however he can, and that they're going back to Denver to pick up Gabe, who'd been at University for the past months. Bran agrees to go, provided that he drives himself. Ollie tells Bran that Bran can go himself, but because Ollie doesn't trust Danii, he'll be putting a tracker in the car. Bran agrees, and he sets off for Denver. Ollie and Bran continue talking over Twitter, and Ollie decides that someone needs to beat the self-pity out of him, so at the next rest stop, Ollie breaks several of Bran's ribs to prove that Ollie will do what needs to be done. 

Bran reaches Denver in "Boo, You Whore" and goes to a nearby Starbucks to pick up coffee once he realises he doesn't know the last time he slept. While waiting for his coffee, he is confronted by an angry Amelia, who demands to know why he left her, claiming that she loved him and that she's pregnant. Bran texts Ollie, asking Ollie to come and help. Ollie arrives and grabs Bran and the two make a run for it. May catches up to them in the kitchen of a restaurant, and Bran realises that she also has psychic powers. Deciding that she could be useful in tracking down Purple Eyes. Ollie knocks her out and they take her back to the Tour Bus. When she wakes up, a terrified Amelia begs Bran to come home with her, giving him a set of coordinates that he passes onto the others. He checks the coordinates and realises that she is sending them to Alma, Colorado. Maggie tells Bran that Amelia told her that Purple Eyes visited her family home and told May to find Bran and get him to Alma, where there would be ghouls waiting for them. They decide to go anyway, not believing that ghouls are the only thing there and start preparing for a trap. Bran calls John Winchester, who's number he got from Bobby and exchanges information on demons. Bran discovers that Amelia's psychic powers come from a Yellow-Eyed demon instead of Purple Eyes. On the Tour Bus, Ollie locks himself, Bran, and Stan into on of the bedrooms and demands that they work out their issues. Bran tries to co-operate, but after admitting to Stan that he was the reason the RV got destroyed, Bran withdraws and thinks that Stan will never forgive him for what's happened. Ollie gets furious at the lack of co-operation and drinks until he passes out, leaving Bran and Stan to work out their issues alone. For Ollie's sake, the two talk, working out their differences. Bran comes to the realisation that the others would be better off without him and starts considering suicide. Danii interjects, asking him not to kill himself and he reluctantly agrees for the time being.

Directly following the events of the previous episode, in the mini episode "Explain How You Forgot To Invite Us To Your Party" Bran, while speaking to Mary, waits for Stan and Ollie to wake up so he can leave the room and join the party Mary has started outside. He helps convince Maggie to drink and eventually, with the help of Stan, moves Ollie out of the way and gets out of the room. Bran, intending to drink himself into a coma, joins in a game of beer pong that dissolves into everyone dumping alcohol over each other. When the party finally slows down, a drunk Bran and Stan collapse onto the couch and attempt to get some form of sleep before they reach Alma. 

After waking up from an alcohol-induced nap, Bran tries to talk to Amelia in "She Doesn't Even Live Here". He tries to figure out whether or not she's actually pregnant, and working off the assumption that any child of two people with psychic powers couldn't be anything but a monster, tries to convince her to have an abortion. She refuses, and when Bran starts losing his patience, Danii tells him to not become like Mal. Bran, furious, tells Danii that it's his life and it doesn't concern her. He says that she's only still here because he has bigger problems to deal with than her and that he'd be getting rid of her as soon as possible. Bran calls a family meeting, where he fills the rest of the group in on what's been happening. Afterwards, he and Stan notice that Ollie's missing. Bran checks the GPS in Ollie's phone and discovers that he's in a small bar nearby called The Coon Shack. The two go to retrieve Ollie only to find him mid- bar fight with a group of bikers. The three beat the bikers into unconsciousness and steal three of the bikes outside. They apologise to Ollie for their behaviour and Ollie forgives them, deciding that there was enough to deal with. They return to the Tour Bus, where Sam gives the three medical attention. He discovers that Bran's previous broken ribs have worsened significantly, causing substantial internal bleeding. Amelia joins them in the main section of the Tour Bus, and she's become very clearly pregnant in the hour since anyone last saw her. Bran demands that Sam give her an abortion, considering that no normal baby could grow that quickly. Sam reluctantly agrees, but says he'll only do it once Bran isn't in danger of dying. The group decide to split up - Mary, Bel, Elliot and Amelia would stay on the bus, Gabe and Stan would take Bran to the nearby veterinary hospital to fix his ribs and Maggie, Ollie and Stan would scout ahead in Alma. 

While unconscious during surgery, Crowley drags Bran and Danii's consciousness to his study, telling Bran that Alma is clearly a trap and that anyone who went in was going to die there. He explains that Bran was a type of key and Purple Eyes' plan was to get him to Alma to start the Apocalypse. He also warns him that his psychic powers are going to get stronger and more uncontrollable. He calls Maggie, allowing Bran to speak to her while still unconscious. Bran tells her to get out of there and briefly explains the situation and hangs up. Crowley tells Bran that the baby has been born and that it's a half demon. Bran wakes up and tells Gabe and Sam what's happening before heading back to the Bus, noticing the hurricane of demons and ghosts in Alma. Bran calls Mal, telling him that he has a grandson now and is already a terrible grandfather. He sees Amelia, who is dying from the birth and Sam who is trying to save her. Bran empties a clip into her head, killing her and he empties another clip into the nearby baby. 

In "You Can't Just Ask People Why They're Crazy" Bran is in the Asylum with a fake set of memories along with the others. While the nurses are around, he is quietly sitting on the floor building towers out of dice with Danii. He rarely speaks to the others and often raises his hand before doing so. In group therapy, he refuses to talk. After Amelia leaves and the patients are left alone, he retreats to a corner of the room the cameras can't see with Ollie and Stan. He helps Ollie out of his straight jacket and stays with him, quietly discussing what they do about Amelia. He helps Stan with his plan to take the wires out from the back of the television. When Barry joins them in the Rec Room, Bran happily takes a cup of tea and a cigarette from him, hiding from the cameras and smoking with Ollie. Amelia returns to the room with Bubba and Cletus, two orderlies within the Asylum. Bubba attacks Ollie and a fight breaks out, with the orderlies and Amelia revealing themselves to be demons. Bran hears Danii's voice in his head and disregards her initially as a new manifestation of his schizophrenia. She appears in the doorway and waves him towards her. The two try to find salt on Danii's recommendation and Bran hears Crowley's voice in his head. He's unconcerned, considering that Crowley is one of the usual voices but is confused when Crowley says that he's finally found them. Crowley takes Bran and Danii's consciousness' to his office, where he gives Bran back his real memories and reveals that the Asylum isn't real and is a construct of Purple Eyes'. Bran punches Danii twice for how much she's angered him in the past, and Crowley gives him two demon - killing knives, warning him that they only exist in this world. Bran asks Crowley to help him learn how to control his psychic powers. Crowley agrees to send someone to him soon to help and tells him to punch the others to give them their real memories back. He also tells Bran where to find Purple Eyes. When they're back in the Asylum, Bran heads back to the Rec Room, stabbing Amelia and punching Ollie. He gives Ollie one of the knives when Ollie's memories return and heads to Purple Eyes' office. He demands answers from Purple Eyes. As the other's arrive, Purple Eyes takes a chocolate bar from his desk, causing them to realise that he isn't the real Purple Eyes, but a Trickster. He introduces himself as Coyote and tells Bran that one of the names the real Purple Eyes goes by is Hastur. Coyote makes reference to a 'season three' and how he's very interested in seeing how the story plays out. They ask for Danii's body back, but Coyote refuses, claiming that 'it will mess with canon'. Instead, he gives Danii a way to speak to the others by possessing Bran and Gabe's laptops. Coyote eventually agrees to send them back to the Tour Bus, saying that he has gotten rid of the remains of the baby and Amelia. The group return to the Bus, which is now in Bobby's yard. Bran heads into Bobby's house with everyone else and he and Ollie talk about what had happened in the Asylum. Bran confesses that he had feelings for Ollie in the Asylum and Ollie admits he felt the same. Because they think the Asylum constructed itself out of subconscious though, the two decide to try being a couple and see where that takes them. 

The following morning, in "He Ruins Peoples Lives", Bran and Ollie decide that Bran will leave the rest to train his powers, and Ollie will stay with the others, visiting Bran occasionally. They work out a plan for dealing with Alma, wherein they will go in alone without telling the others and take out Purple Eyes themselves so the others won't get caught in the crossfire. They briefly address the likelihood of them not coming back alive but move past it quickly. Later, Bran tells the others that he will be leaving and that he won't be returning. He promises to stay in contact and gives Elliot a number to call him on if he's not answering the other. Maggie protests, but eventually agrees to let him go. Bran, Stan and Ollie decide to pay a visit to the Coon Shack before Bran leaves properly and Bran asks Crowley to teleport them there. They enter the Coon Shack, and after a quick chat with Bubba and Cletus, they hear police sirens in the distance. They leave the Coon Shack, taking three of the bikes outside. A few minutes later, they realise that limiters have been placed in the bikes. They pull over and run for the surrounding forest, and Ollie tries to contact Coyote asking for help.

The group find themselves once again with fake memories, in a 1950s American small town. Bran ignores Ollie and Stan, who are finishing up their daily chores and goes for a walk, quickly getting his real memories and figuring out that Coyote was behind it. He joins the others in the park and goes to the Malt Shop with them. He talks to Ollie and Stan, who have also gotten their real memories and leaves them to formulate a plan. Realising that a fake Mal will be at his house, he tells Maggie he has a migraine, and the two go home. Upon arriving at their house, Bran sees his mother and refuses to look at her again. He punches Mal for the satisfaction of it and then hits Maggie in the hope it will give her her real memories back as it did in the Asylum. When she doesn't, he leaves the house. As the Sniders discover the cheat codes of the simulation, Coyote reveals himself and gives them grenade launchers to destroy the town for his amusement. Afterwards, he brings them to a spa upon Mary's request and he offers to get Bran and the Sniders out of the forest if they agreed that Coyote could pull them into a fake reality whenever he felt like. Bran asks Ollie to not take the deal, saying that they'll find their way out of the police's radar on their own. Coyote makes the decision for them, and they find themselves back in the forest.

The three split up in different directions to throw off the police, and after a few hours of walking, Bran comes across a woman on the outskirts of the woods, who introduces herself as Anna and complains that he took too long to get to her. She says that Crowley sent her to help with his power and passes him a bottle of an unidentified liquid, telling him to drink it to be able to control the powers. Bran asks what it is, and she eventually admits that it's demon blood. Bran drinks the bottle and the two of them head to Las Vegas, Nevada, where they spend the next day killing demons. On the way back to Bobby's, Danii tells Bran that she's been in contact with Stan, and that Ollie had been arrested and possessed by a demon. Bran texts Mal, asking for his help, and heads towards Denver, figuring that the demon will be around there somewhere. While on the way there, Bran gets furious with Danii for the amount she interferes with his life, and equally angry at Stan when Stan tries to defend her. Bran admits that he feels completely betrayed by them dating, telling Maggie that he has nothing anymore and that Stan has chosen Danii over him without ever asking how he felt about her. He speaks to the demon who has been terrorising everyone else over Twitter and finds out that Stan is intending to meet the demon with minimal backup. Bran is critical of the plan but agrees due to no longer caring about anyone or anything but Ollie.

In "On Wednesdays, We Wear Red", Danii tells Bran that Stan has also been possessed and that she made a deal with Crowley. She asked Crowley to get her out of Bran's head in return for a favour, but Crowley exploited a loophole and put her in Stan's instead. Having reached his breaking point and feeling that he has failed everyone he ever cared about, Bran decides that he's too tired to deal with anymore. He stops he car at the side of a road and tries to shoot himself, having given up on everything. Danii, realising what Bran is doing through their telepathic connection, takes over him and begs him not to do it, saying that it'll be fine and they'll save Stan and Ollie. When she releases him, Bran pulls the trigger. He appears in Crowley's study with Danii. He tries to convince Bran to reconsider killing himself, telling him that even if he does, the key will just transfer to another. Bran tells Crowley that he doesn't care anymore and that he has sacrificed everything to stop this thing, and that he's done. Crowley offers him a deal - saying he'll give Bran the power to get rid of the demons in Ollie and Stan if he sells his soul. Bran makes a counter offer - Crowley takes the demons out of the Sniders and everyone bar him are uninjured back in Bobby's House, and that Danii is returned to her body in the condition it was in a week before she dies. Crowley agrees but says it will take time to find Danii's body and in the mean time, she will be in the ether. Crowley also says that Bran also needs to kill Purple Eyes as part of the deal.  Bran agrees to the deal, and the others appear in Bobby's house. Danii passes on the knowledge of the Anti-Possession tattoos and Bran appears back in his car. He retrieves the new RV and heads for Bobby's, ignoring Anna on the road and stopping to get the tattoo in Nebraska. 

Bran reaches Bobby's house in "The Limit Does Not Exist" and explains the deal he made to Stan. He admits to Stan that he doesn't want to come out of Alma alive. Coyote leaks the pictures of Maggie in a cheerleader outfit all over the internet, including extra pictures of Maggie in varying states of undress. He tries to help Gabe and Stan with the problem and beats Gabe unconciousness when Gabe choses the Wet T-Shirt Competition to stop the pictures. He later hits Stan with a table after he finds out that Stan was leering at Maggie during the competition. He makes up with Stan and tells him that he's taking Ollie out of the house before he wakes up so Ollie doesn't wake up surrounded by the people Ollie won't want to see. Before he leaves, he tells Maggie about the deal and reacts badly when Maggie says they'll find a way to get him out of it. He admits that he tried to kill himself and leaves after telling Maggie why he deserves to be in hell. He takes Ollie to a B&B in a nearby town and admits to the deal after Ollie wakes up. Ollie decides to make a deal of his own for the strength to help Bran against Purple Eyes, and Bran stops trying to talk him out of it when Ollie admits he's as tired as Bran is. They come to terms with the fact that neither of them want to get out of Alma alive and agree to stop by Bobby's so Ollie can talk to Stan and Elliot before they go. They are attacked by a group of demons when they try to leave the B&B, and Bran texts Anna for help. They escape into the B&B as a demon drives a big rig through it and manage to get onto the roof of the vehicle. Bran has a premonition of the demon inside the vehicle and the bomb in the passenger seat. He grabs Ollie and jumps into a nearby dumpster, narrowly avoiding the explosion. Ollie pushes the dumpster down the hill and tries to hold off the demons. Anna arrives and gives Ollie her demon killing knife, and Ollie kills two demons as the others retreat. Anna brings them to Bobby's, and Bran brings Stan and Elliot to the RV, where they say they're goodbyes. The two leave behind Bran's laptop and journal containing a note to the group before they leave. Bran calls Crowley, and Ollie makes a deal for super strength to help him in Alma. Crowley warns them that the final fight would happen on the 15th of March and that they should prepare. The two leave to meet up with Anna and spend the month training. 

In the season finale, "We Should Totally Just Stab Caesar", Bran and Ollie sit in a pub, having one last drink before heading back to Alma. They approach the town cautiously, sneaking into the Graveyard and fighting off the demons and ghouls they come across. They find Purple Eyes in the centre, and Bran demands that he explain to them why he was doing this, and why he picked Bran. Purple Eyes explains that he was in contest with the Yellow-Eyed demon, and his plan was to use Danii's empty body and Bran as keys to opening up a section of Hell to draw power from. He continues, saying that Bran was meant to serve as the General of his Army when he became all powerful. He explains that there is a power in bloodlines, and Bran suited his purposes. Bran, deciding that he's heard enough, attacks Purple Eyes while Ollie holds off the other demons. As Purple Eyes is getting the upper hand, Ollie stabs him in the arm with the demon-killing knife, wounding him. In anger, Purple Eyes flings Ollie into a gravestone, breaking his back. Furious, Bran gives in to his power and stops holding back, killing Purple Eyes, but fatally injuring himself in the process. Bran collapses next to a dying Ollie and the two of them die happily knowing that the Apocalypse has been averted and Purple Eyes is dead.

While not appearing in "Stop Trying To Make Family Happen", it is revealed that the 'bloodline' Purple Eyes was referring to is Bran being a direct descendant of Jonathan and Mina Harker, two legendary vampire hunters who helped kill Dracula and dedicated their lives to vampire hunting, training their children to continue the family legacy.

Season Three Edit

Bran appears in the season premiere, "Tell It To The Cleaning Lady On Monday", with a fake set of memories. He is shown to be a new student at Sunnydale High School, alongside Ollie. All of the other kids also appear in the school and seem to have different memories, families and backgrounds with no knowledge of the supernatural. Bran and Ollie arrive at the school late, where they meet Principal Snyder and receive their class timetables. He is thoroughly unimpressed with Snyder, and voices such. Snyder escorts the two to their first class, giving Bran detention for smart-mouthing when they get there. An unconcerned Bran makes it clear he won't show up. He reluctantly introduces himself to the class as Brandon Crowley, revealing that his father in this world is Crowley himself. An extremely wealthy and entitled teenager, Bran expresses severe distaste about being in a public school surrounded by 'peasants'. He befriends Maggie Thatcher due to them being the only two English kids in the town and the two spend most of the day in the school library with Ollie.

In "When Would It Be Convenient For You To Die?" Bran first appears in his father's mansion, being berated for his behaviour in the school. Unwilling to apologise for his actions when he warned Crowley it was going to happen, the two argue and Crowley eventually goes back to his office building, leaving Bran and Ollie to their own devices. Later, Bran receives a memorial notice from the school informing him that both Mary Troy and Frank deValera, alongside another student, are dead. At the end of the message he sees a list of people who are said to be next. Noting that neither he nor Ollie are a part of the list, he doesn't care enough to look further into it. Seeing that Maggie also isn't named, he invites her over to his house to join them for a movie night. Later, Sam, Franko, and Stan, who have regained their memories, arrive at his house alongside Gabe and Danii. They try to tell him that everyone in his house at the time were on the list and that Sam, Franko and Stan were versions of themselves from an alternate dimension. Bran, mildly irritated at what he assumed was a joke, tries to close the door in their faces. Stan barges through regardless, and an argument breaks out amongst the group. Annoyed that people he neither knew nor liked had forced their way into his home, Bran calls Crowley to sort it out. Not long later a tank appears and decimates the house, leaving a furious Bran to leave with Maggie, Ollie, Elliot, Gabe and Danii to Ollie's panic room. Finding the killer already in the room, Bran avoids the bomb that goes off after Ollie's shoots the killer and he leaves with the still alive Ollie and Maggie. They agree to get a bus to Maggie's aunt in Boston and they get several miles out before the other kids, all of whom have reappeared with their old memories, catch up to them in the tank. Stan and Sam blow up the bus, killing everyone one it.

At the end of the episode, Bran and Ollie are both seen crawling out of their graves in Alma. Saying nothing while Ollie starts speaking, Bran reaches for the bottle of whiskey and the packet of cigarettes near their graves.

In "We Hate You, Please Die", another fake version of Bran appears in front of Maggie. He claims to be 'in training' and implies that he's on his way to becoming a crossroads demon. He interrogates Maggie, demanding to know why she let him die and makes cruel comments about her and the other kids. The ghost eventually leaves after telling everyone in the group that they were the ones to kill him in Alma. The real Bran appears earlier in the episode, in a quiet café with Ollie. He also shows up at the end of the episode, when Gabe opens the door to Sam's Medical Practice and finds Bran and Ollie on the other side.

"Danii Evans' Precious Little Life" confirms that the real Bran and Ollie are alive. Bran attempts to leave after discovering who was in the practice but is stopped by Crowley as he drops Danii back. Crowley asks Bran to get in the limo and comes with him, and after a moment of hesitation, he refuses. Bran is visibly confused and upset by everything happening, and he stops speaking after Elliot latches onto him. He retreats away from the arguing inside the practice and seems to try to fade into the background. When Danii reveals the comics, he immediately looks at Ollie and eventually asks Danii were the comics what she meant when she asked him what he'd seen on her tumblr page in "He Ruins Peoples Lives". Danii admits that they were, and he demands to know why she felt she had the right to hide them from him. After the police show up, Bran tells the others that there are hundreds of people who know that he and Ollie were in Westminster, London, two hours previously and that some of them probably saw him kill a vampire with a car door. Unwilling to get arrested, Bran says he can just go outside and kill the officers though Ollie pulls him back and convinces him to hold it as a last resort. While the others plan, Maggie approaches Bran and the two talk. Maggie admits that she killed Mal, and Bran admits that he and Ollie had been alive for a month, and that they'd been in Hell for 120 years.

Physical Appearance Edit

Bran's stature can best be described as taller than average and unusually skinny. Due to his vegetarianism and general aversion to food, he borderlines on malnourished but remains in better shape than he should be due to the physical exertion of being a hunter. He tends to keep his brown hair relatively short and he inherited his father's green eyes. In season three, he's become even paler, seeming generally exhausted with constant dark circles under his eyes.

In season one, he usually wore clothes that were practical- jeans, boots, t-shirts and hoodies. In season three, this seems to have changed, with Bran wearing more expensive jumpers and clothing, even appearing in a blood-covered tailored suit.

Most of his clothes are dark colours, but he's been known to wear particularly nerdy t-shirts from time to time. It's not unusual to see him wearing someone else's clothes, usually Ollie's, due to his tendency to throw on the first thing he finds in the morning.

While most people on the RV haven't noticed, Bran is long-sighted and often wears glasses while reading, watching the television or on his computer. Because he usually tends to fade into the background when he's not causing trouble, few people have ever actually noticed that he wears glasses.

Personality Edit

Bran is a paragon of trouble and poor life decisions. He's always been incapable of planning for anything but the long term, which often leads him to not caring as much as he should about the small details. He relies very heavily on his master plans. 

In Season One, Bran was a relatively laid back person for a hunter. His life mainly revolved around a good cup of tea and, when the Sniders weren't pulling him into their antics, he spent his free time researching, hacking MRA websites with Maggie or reading whatever books he could get his hands on. He's extremely introverted though he can put on a good show when necessary, often playing up surface emotions for the entertainment of his friends. He very much valued his privacy, usually keeping his plans or any real emotions hidden from the others.

In Season Two, the stress of his disappearance and memory loss began to get the better of him, his mental state only worsening when he found out about the people he'd killed and what his disappearance had done to the others. The guilt weighed heavily on him, and he decided that he didn't have the luxury of dealing with the way he was feeling. He distanced himself from his friends and family, with only Ollie being able to stop Bran from pushing him away. He forced himself into 'business mode', deciding that he didn't care what he had to do or who he had to kill to keep the people he considered his family safe. Despite the build up of problems that centred around him, he never allowed himself to properly feel the effects. He figured he'd have his mental breakdown when everything was over. However, after their first trip to Alma, Bran hit his breaking point, going further than was necessary when killing Amelia and his son. He realised that he'd become very, very tired and began considering killing himself when he realised that the others would be far better off without him. After the Asylum, he realised his subconscious feelings for Ollie and surprised himself by acting upon them. As far as he was concerned, Ollie was the only thing he had left in the world. He began to realise that he actually loved Ollie, but never mentioned it aloud, worried that Ollie didn't feel the same way. After Ollie was possessed by a demon, Bran's emotions began getting the better of him, leading him to feel utterly betrayed by Stan when Stan started dating Danii, and furious with Danii for trying to make a place for herself in his life. When Stan was also possessed by a demon, and Danii ended up in Stan's head, Bran gave up entirely. He knew that Stan and Ollie were dead as soon as the demons left and he felt that Danii being with Stan was just one more problem he had forced on his friend because he couldn't deal with it. He tried to kill himself, and agreed to Crowley's deal without hesitation as long as the others would be safe. By the time of his death, Bran was more than ready to die. He was depressed, cynical, guilt-ridden and so certain that he deserved to be in Hell that he never intended to leave Alma alive.

After his resurrection in "When Would It Be Convenient For You To Die?", Bran is significantly meeker and quieter, hesitating a lot more before speaking and carefully choosing his words. He mainly hides behind Ollie and is unwilling to look anyone in the eye when he has to speak to them. He is more anxious and willing to jump straight to killing to avoid trouble.

Equipment & Weaponry Edit

Bran favours a Webley Mk IV Service Revolver, a family heirloom that Mal gave him when they began hunting.

Although Bran is proficient with guns, Bran was more of a researcher within the group, owning a laptop with vast amount of information about every type of monster the group have come up against and many they haven't. His notes on demons are comprehensive and possibly the most valuable. He has several back up hard drives to copy research onto and also has a journal where he used to detail the hunts he went on. As of the start of Season One, the journal was only used as somewhere Bran could write about hunts he wanted to forget or sketch out plans he didn't want anyone else to see. The journal also contains notes from himself and Ollie to the others on the RV written before they died.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Bran's intelligence is one of his greatest assets. It has allowed him to create and adapt plans at the drop of a hat and conduct deals with demons that were as ironclad as possible. He is a very skilled researcher, only failing to find the information he needs when there's no information to be found. He's a talented hacker and in his spare time, he often makes varying forms of fake identification for the group, from general IDs to FBI badges. He's also a skilled driver, allowing him to drive like a maniac without ever having an accident.

Despite not being particularly physically strong, Bran is fast and agile and often relies on his ability to move quickly in a fight as opposed to brute strength.

Bran possesses the ability to keep going even through serious injury due to sheer force of will, an asset that is in constant need as a hunter.

Possibly his greatest assets are his psychic powers. Bran sometimes gets premonitions which allow him to see glimpses of the future, which has allowed him to identify a potential monster or threat in a hunt before it happens, though the visions cause him to have seizures during and chronic migraines afterwards, which can leave him incapacitated for hours after they occur. As of Season Two, Bran also has the power to melt people's brains telepathically, killing them if he focuses enough. Through training, he has gained complete control over this power and can use it to kill humans and demons alike.

Relationships Edit

Ollie: Bran's boyfriend, best friend, and the one thing he has left in this world. Ever since the first day they met, Ollie's been a weird type of grounding force for Bran, constantly making it nigh impossible for Bran to take himself too serious or get too caught up in his head. Ollie was the one person who could always get Bran to laugh and allow himself to have some fun.

After Bran got his memories back in "Get In, Loser. We're Going Hunting", he expected Ollie to hate him for what he did. And he didn't realise how much he needed Ollie until he knew that Ollie wouldn't leave him. Ollie became Bran's unquestioned confidant, it becoming a second nature for Bran to immediately explain any new developments to him and keep him up to date. During the events of "You Can't Just Ask People Why They're Crazy", Bran realised his feelings for Ollie and discovered that he may have had them for a considerable amount of time. He tried to ignore it, thinking that it wasn't the time and surprised himself when he admitted it. He surprised himself even more when he told Ollie that he wanted to try. Ollie was the only thing that the world hadn't taken from him or forced him to sacrifice. When Ollie was possessed by a demon, Bran broke completely. Everything he'd felt since he got back to the RV forced it's way to the surface and exploded, and Bran realised that he'd step back and watch the world burn if it was a world without Ollie. He sold his soul for Ollie's wellbeing without a second thought and never regretted it. When Ollie decided to make a deal, Bran disagreed; he believed that Ollie deserved to live through this and come out with a life to live on the other side. However, when Ollie told him he was as tired as he was, Bran decided that he'd support whatever Ollie wanted to do. Ollie stood beside him through the Apocalypse and Bran just wanted him to be happy, whatever he needed to do to get there.

After their resurrection in Season Three, the two went to England for a month. Little is known about their time there, but upon returning to the others, Bran nearly always hides behind Ollie and seems reluctant to speak to anyone else.

Maggie: When they were kids, Bran and Maggie were typical siblings, if slightly closer than most. After the death of their mother, Maggie stepped up to try to be his parent, a thing which Bran didn't appreciate. He despised having to watch Mal turn Maggie into a soldier and hated that Maggie felt like she was responsible from Bran's welfare. He may have been less obvious about it, but Maggie had always been as important to Bran as he's been to her. He decided when he was thirteen that one day he'd kill Mal, and he and Maggie would go home. After he began getting the premonitions, he knew he'd die a hunter, and just held onto the hope that Maggie could have a life after he was gone. Due to his hatred of Maggie's feeling of responsibility towards him, Bran never confided in Maggie, feeling like he couldn't in good conscience give her more reason to worry over him.

In Season Two, he closed himself off from Maggie, giving her as little information as possible and refusing to open up to her. Completely unaware of the effect she was having on a suicidal Bran, Maggie continued to add to his guilt by talking about what they'd do when Purple Eyes was dead and it was all over. In "He Ruins Peoples Lives", Maggie fought Bran on his decision to leave the group, although she eventually relented, telling him that he had the right to make his own decisions. He knew she was lying, but he knew how hard she was trying to be there for him, and he considered that to be more than enough. Bran eventually opened up to her in "On Wednesdays, We Wear Red", admitting how he really felt about Ollie, and how he felt about Danii and his general situation. He immediately felt terrible for putting more concern on her shoulders, but realised there wasn't anything he could do to fix it. The last time Bran spoke to Maggie before he died, Maggie broke down, devastated when she found out that he tried to kill himself and tried to convince him that he didn't deserve to die, and that he didn't deserve to go to Hell. Bran snapped, telling her exactly why he deserved what was coming to him and why he was looking forward to it. The last time he was near her, he avoided her, unable to talk to her due to guilt. Bran left a note in the back of his journal, which he left on the RV, telling her that he was sorry and begging her not to do anything stupid.

Stan: One of Bran's best friends, Stan was Bran's primary confidant in Season One and remains the only person that Bran ever spoke to about his mother, despite it having started as a way to keep Stan's ego in check. Bran always found it a bit annoying that Stan tried to emulate Ollie as much as he did. As far as he was concerned, the world couldn't handle another Ollie, and Stan was one of his best friends for a reason.

In Season Two, Bran and Stan's relationship became strained after Bran came back to the RV, with Ollie forcing them to talk out their differences in "Boo, You Whore". They eventually worked out their differences and began working together to fix their many problems. However, after Bran found out about Stan's growing relationship with Danii, Bran realised precisely how much the situation with Danii bothered him and felt completely betrayed by Stan. After a major argument, Bran discovered that Stan was intending to meet demon Ollie privately, Bran broke down, apologising to Stan for his behaviour and the two mended their relationship. Bran told Stan about his deal with Crowley and promised to look after Ollie. They last saw each other when Bran and Ollie visited Bobby's house once last time. Bran regards Stan as a brother and doesn't regret anything he's done to keep Stan and the others safe.

While he has yet to speak to Stan in Season Three, Bran is visibly upset when Maggie tells him that Stan has spent the year with Danii, saying he didn't know what he expected.

Danii: When Bran discovered Danii's presence in his head, he realised that there was very little he could do to get rid of her, so Bran filed her away as a problem to be dealt with later. He refused to think about anything that Danii did wrong, defending her to the others on the basis of prioritising. Acknowledging that he may as well get along with her, they struck up a friendship. He had thought, without realising it, that he'd get her body back and she would leave his life. In "She Doesn't Even Live Here", Bran got angry with her for overstepping her bounds when she told him "not to become like Mal" in regards to Amelia, though they worked through their disagreement. Bran finally dealt with his feelings towards having someone else in his head whom he could hide nothing from in "On Wednesdays, We Wear Red", freaking out at Danii when he realised how much everything she had done had bothered him and how angry the violation of the privacy of his own thoughts made him. His feelings towards her worsened when he found out about her relationship with Stan, and he felt bitterly betrayed by Stan for being friends with her without ever bothering to find out Bran's true feelings towards her. He became increasingly resentful of how much Danii was embedding herself in his life outside of his head and is angry that she thinks she has the right to make herself comfortable as a long-term part of his life. Ignoring this, he shoved these feelings aside due to his decision to die in Alma, making her even less of a priority. Despite his resentment of her, Bran added an addendum into his deal with Crowley to get her her body back as opposed to making her move on.

As of "Danii Evans' Precious Little Life", Bran is livid with her. He resents that she's still around and is furious that she's still causing incessant amounts of trouble. He seems to have been more than willing to kill her after he found out about the comics.

Mal: Bran always had a strained relationship with his father. They were always at odds with one another and Mal is the primary cause of Bran's utter lack of self-worth. After his mother's death, Bran didn't hold any particular animosity towards either vampires or Mal for her death. He began resenting Mal for dragging him and Maggie away from their home and their grandparents for Mal's revenge crusade. He despised seeing Mal turning Maggie into him, and that hatred only deepened when Mal smuggled them into America. The day they left England, Bran swore to himself that he would kill Mal eventually. Their relationship remained the same for years, with Bran openly loathing Mal and Mal seemingly not caring about Bran one way or the other, often leaving Bran on the ground whenever he had a premonition, regardless of where they were at the time.

After Bran returned to the RV in "Get In, Loser. We're Going Hunting", he discovered that Mal had been hospitalised after confronting the werewolves that he thought were responsible for Bran's disappearance, and, as far was Mal was concerned, his death. Bran didn't care about Mal's condition, idly pointing out that Mal only cared about his family when he could avenge them. Mal never contacted Bran after discovering that he'd come back, and the first time they spoke in season two was in "She Doesn't Even Live Here" when Bran phoned Mal to tell him that he was a grandfather and a bad one for that matter. Bran later texted Mal telling him that if he ever came near Maggie again, Bran would kill him. In "He Ruins Peoples Lives", Bran returned to his family home within the fake 1950s town with the sole purpose of punching Mal just once in his life. After returning to the real world, Bran stopped caring about Mal one way or the other, not bothered to seek him out to kill him or even think about him. Mal, for all intents and purposes, no longer existed to his son. In "On Wednesdays, We Wear Red", Bran contacted Mal asking for a temporary truce in order to get Ollie back. Bran didn't hesitate to make the decision to contact Mal, as Ollie was far more important to him than any feelings towards his father. Despite Bran's feelings towards him, Bran has always been able to respect Mal's efficiency and competence as a hunter and was willing to use any asset he could to save Ollie.

Gabe: Bran considered Gabe to be a close friend. Gabe was the person he could go to to just hang out or head into town for a coffee and to go a few college classes when they had the time. Bran often wished he was gay due to the fact that Gabe was the most normal person on the RV, and it would be nice to have something normal.

In Season Two, Bran initially appreciated Gabe not asking questions about what was going on and just accepting everything in his stride, but as the season progressed, Bran was bothered by the lack of contact from Gabe despite Bran's attempts to talk to him. Bran found it harder and harder to care about Gabe as time went on, and when he died, Bran was more or less apathetic towards him.

Sam: Bran barely knew Sam when he disappeared, but he acknowledged that Sam was someone he could become great friends with in time. He appreciated Sam's paramedic proficiency and willingness to help. During the time Ollie was possessed, Bran became less fond of Sam, mainly due to Sam's treatment of Ollie through the demon. His relationship with Sam has always been somewhat of a grey area that Bran hasn't put much thought into. He knows that he can trust Sam with the others and that Sam will do whatever he can to keep them alive. He has respect for Sam, but it is largely decreased by Sam's ignorance of the supernatural world causing him to make assumptions, and as far as Bran is concerned, voicing opinions that were neither asked for nor deserved. He doesn't feel like Sam has any right to comment on the decisions that Bran has made when he knows little of the supernatural.

Mary: When Mary first came onto the RV, and for the years afterwards, Bran was extremely wary of her. He felt like she was a wild card and he was never quite sure whether or not she was going to start randomly stabbing people. His main way of dealing with her was ignoring her when he could, and leaving when he couldn't. During Season One, Mary developed a minor crush on him, which Bran decided to just ignore until it went away. Much to his relief, it did.

In Season Two, Bran and Mary developed a friendship which began when he found out that she had spent the months he was gone in a mental asylum, drugged to the point she became a zombie. Due to mutual sympathy for the other's situation, they started becoming friends, although it stopped developing due to Bran rarely being around and Mary's behaviour towards Maggie severely bothering him. Bran's fondness of her decreased as he found out about her growing friendship with Danii, and he doesn't care for her in any manner anymore, annoyed about how she's been with Danii when he sacrificed everything for the people on the RV.

Franko: Bran has never been able to entirely figure out Franko, mainly because he doesn't want to. He's never been able to care about Franko past finding him mildly amusing. However, after Franko bombed the Coon Shack, killing both Ollie and Stan if it weren't for Bran's deal with Crowley, Bran has lost all trust in Franko.

Elliot: The kid is as good as Bran's baby brother and Bran would do anything for him. They regularly have their fights, but Bran is determined to keep Elliot out of harms way, outright telling Coyote that he could mess with everyone else, but Elliot was off limits. Bran genuinely regrets how little he's been able to be around for Elliot since he disappeared. Elliot was one of his main driving forces in Season Two, his determination to keep Elliot safe helped him to make most of his hard decisions, particularly after he had almost killed Elliot when he had no memories.

Petra: When Bran first came onto the RV, Petra took one look at him and knew he was a flight risk, and that he needed someone to look after him that wasn't his big sister. Petra became almost like a second mother to Bran over the years, and he has nothing but utmost respect for her.

Crowley: Bran has a grudging respect for Crowley, and vice versa. Bran very much respects Crowley's business ethic, even though he gets extremely tired of Crowley's tendency to be "vague and shit". Bran knows that he could quite like Crowley and always intended for them to become friends.

Anna: Bran holds no particular animosity towards her for being a demon and genuinely enjoyed spending time with her once she stopped being vague. He got surprisingly fond of her during their training sessions and he appreciated all she did to help him, regardless of whether or not she was told to do it. Despite everything, he considers her a friend.

Amelia: Bran has no memories of the time he spent with May in St. Louis. He's sorry that she got dragged into his life and he's sorry it ended the way he did. He holds a lot of guilt for the situation she was forced into, but he's not sorry he killed her. It was far from being an ideal solution, but at the end of the day, he knew it was the only solution.

Bel: Before season one, Bran had no real feelings towards Bel one way or the other. He found her slightly annoying, but not enough to really care. In "Poor Life Choices" the two began dating for no other real reason past Bran's inability to resist flirting back with people. He convinced himself that he did actually like her, though he grew to very quickly despise her after her behaviour towards him in "Get In, Loser. We're Going Hunting" and her refusing to give Mary her medication. By the time she abandoned the party in "You Can't Just Ask People Why They're Crazy", Bran wasn't bothered to see her leave.

Trivia Edit

  • He's left handed.
  • He's been a vegetarian since he first came to America, he claims it's to cause trouble for Mal, while he's really just wary of American meat.
  • He's severely allergic to peanuts, a fact that Mal often forgets and Stan often exploits when Bran annoys him.
  • His mother taught him how to speak fluent French when he was young, and also taught him how to play piano and guitar.
  • Over the course of the show, Bran went from being a lightweight to being an alcoholic.
  • Bran has three irrational fears; needles, clowns and furbies. The only one that is commonly known is needles.
  • His Anti-Possession tattoo is on his left shoulder blade, and he avoided suspicion in the tattoo parlor by handing the artist a fist full of cash and saying he wanted to piss off his parents.
  • Alongside his sister, he gets tea bags, malteasers and other products not available in America smuggled into the country under Mal's name, using a hunter contact of Mal's in England. This contact is later shown to be David Harker, his uncle whom he doesn't know about.
  • The fandom largely refers to Bran, Ollie and Stan as "The OT3"
  • Up until his disappearance, he usually slept with Ollie and Stan in the biggest bed on the RV, a situation commonly referred to as "The Pile".
  • To date, Bran has been in the most established romantic relationships in the show.
  • Bran and Ollie have been each others longest relationship at their time of death, having been together for over a month.
  • While the note Ollie left for the rest of the kids before his death included specific notes to everyone except Danii, Bran only personally addressed Maggie, Stan and Elliot in his, because by that time they were the only people on the RV that he cared about anymore.
  • Maggie once hid a Furby under his bed when they were kids. It started talking in the middle of the night, terrifying him. Maggie found him outside ten minutes later, siphoning petrol out of Mal's car and muttering "burn it all down". Maggie rugby tackled him away from the car to stop him. Neither of their parents ever found out.
  • Bran is not a morning person, something that Maggie used to have a lot of fun with when she was in charge of getting him out of bed for school.
  • He was brought back to life after dying in Alma, though it is unknown how or why.
  • According to his conversation with Maggie in "Danii Evans' Precious Little Life", he was in Hell for 120 years. He was tortured for 20 of these, and tortured others for the rest.
  • Bran has admitted on several occasions that he misses The Asylum.