Name Bubba Ray Dudley
Place of Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Date of Death 25/01/06
Species Demon
Occupation Biker

Status Alive
Height 6'5
First Seen S02 E03 - "She Doesn't Even Live Here"
Last Seen S02 E08.5 - "Stop Trying To Make Family Happen"
Actor Mark LoMonaco
Bubba Ray Dudley was the leader of the biker gang 'The Coons'. He is a recurring pseudo antagonist throughout a portion of Season Two and is later possessed by one of Purple Eyes' demons.

Season Two Edit

Bubba is first seen in "She Doesn't Even Live Here", when Ollie leaves the RV for a quiet drink away from the others. Ollie enters the Coon Shack, where Bubba proceeds to harass him. Ollie eventually agrees to have play pool with him, and Bubba grows annoyed when Ollie wins every game. He provokes Ollie into a fight, which Ollie eventually wins. As he leaves, Ollie steals Bubba's bike, leaving behind a hundred dollar with "IOU - one go fuck yourself" written on it.

A fake version of Bubba appears in "You Can't Just Ask People Why They're Crazy" as a corrupt orderly employed in the Asylum. His grudge against Ollie remains and Ollie easily provokes him into a fight. 

In "He Ruins Peoples Lives", Ollie returns to the Coon Shack with Stan and Bran in order to pick another fight to let off some steam. Bubba is cautious of them, and the police are called, forcing them to leave. 

Bubba is possessed by a demon at some point after they leave, and appears in "On Wednesdays, We Wear Red" at the Coon Shack with Purple eyes and a demon-possessed Ollie. He is caught in the blast that destroyed the Coon Shack.

Bubba does not appear again until the final scene of "Stop Trying To Make Family Happen", where he and Cletus speak to a morgue attendant who says that the body's found in the pit in Alma do not match up with the kids identifications found with the bodies.

Personality Edit

Bubba is a stereotypical unfriendly biker. He enjoys harassing and fighting strangers and becomes very territorial when new people come into the Coon Shack. He is shown to be unsurprisingly bigoted, openly displaying his disgust when Ollie and Bran enter the Coon Shack holding hands. 

A large man, he enjoys throwing his weight around whenever possible.