Cassandra Tanner
Name Cassandra Tanner
Alias/Nicknames/Also Known By Cassie
Place of Birth Columbus, Ohio
Age 24
Date of Birth 07/07/1983
Species Human
Status Unknown
Height 5'9
Family Sam Tanner (Husband)

Paul Tanner (Son)

First Seen S03 E03 - "We Hate You, Please Die"
Last Seen S03 E03 - "We Hate You, Please Die"
Actor Phoebe Tonkin
Cassandra Tanner is the Ohio born wife of Sam Tanner. The two married not long before Sam was deployed to Falluja. While he was on leave, Cassandra fell pregnant with their son, Paul.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Cassandra was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. The elementary school crush of Sam Tanner, the two married before Sam left to go to war.

Pre- Season One Edit

Cassandra was left to raise her son on her own while her husband was deployed with the army. After Sam was honourably discharged, he returned home, although he couldn't find any trace of his wife and child anywhere. Cassie sold the family home and it is unknown what happened to her or where she is.

Season Three Edit

A fake version of Cassie appears to live in Coyote's fake Sunnydale. While not seen in the episode, the living room of Sam Noots' home has several photos of her and their son decorating the room.

A possibly fake version of Cassie was seen in a video on Gabe's laptop in E03 - "We Hate You, Please Die". She is shown to be enjoying some time with her son and who appears to be Sam. The video's timestamp was for that day and it is unknown as to whether or not the video was real.

Personality Edit

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