Chuck Snider
Name Charles Snider
Alias/Nicknames/Also Known By Chuck
Place of Birth Georgia, United States
Age 34 (At time of death)
Date of Birth 05/05/64
Date of Death 27/09/98
Species Human
Occupation Hunter

Status Deceased
Height 6'0
Family Petra Snider (Wife)

Oliver Snider (Son)

Stanley Snider (Son)

Thaddeus Ross (Father-In-Law)

First Seen S02 E05 - "He Ruins Peoples Lives"
Last Seen S02 E05 - "He Ruins Peoples Lives"
Actor Jeremy Irons

Charles "Chuck" Snider was a hunter from Georgia. Born and raised in a hunting family, he married Petra Ross and the two began hunting together on the RV. He was killed by a vampire in the early 2002s.

He is the father of Oliver Snider and Stanley Snider.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Very little is known about Chuck Snider. He was born and raised a hunter and it is said that he met Petra while she was attending college in Macon, Georgia. They two fell in love and married, with Petra wanting to join him hunting. The two traveled North America in the RV and in 1988, their twin sons, Ollie and Stan were born.

Death Edit

Chuck's death is largely unexplained, though he is said to have died while clearing out a vampire nest when his sons were children.

Season Two Edit

A fake version of Chuck appears in Coyote's fake 1950s Town. Once Ollie and Stan regain their memories, Stan contacts Chuck to gain some closure in regards to his father's death, though Ollie is unwilling to do so, later admitting that he came to terms with his father's death a long time ago and held no desire to live in the past.