Demon Baby
Name None Given
Alias/Nicknames/Also Known By Damien, Malcolm Jr, Apocalypse Baby
Place of Birth Alma, CO, United States
Age Half and hour (At time of death)
Date of Birth 23/01/06
Date of Death 23/01/06
Species Cambion
Occupation Harbinger of Doom

Status Deceased
Height N/A
Family Amelia Barnes (Mother, deceased)

Brandon Hawkes (Father, deceased)

Margaret Hawkes (Paternal Aunt)

Malcolm Hawkes (Paternal Grandfather, deceased)

Nina Hawkes (Paternal Grandmother, deceased)

David Harker (Paternal Granduncle)

Unnamed Maternal Grandmother (Deceased)

Unnamed Maternal Grandfather (Deceased)

Unnamed Maternal Uncle (Deceased)

Jonathan Harker (Paternal Ancestor, deceased)

Wilhelmina Harker (Paternal Ancestor, deceased)

The Demon Baby is the child of Amelia Barnes and Brandon Hawkes. A half-demon, the baby killed May during the birth, and was killed almost immediately after by Bran.

History Edit

Season Two Edit

In "She Doesn't Even Live Here", May is proven to be pregnant when she seems to have skipped from her first trimester to her third in a matter of hours. Bran eventually manages to convince her to have an abortion, reasoning with her that no human child could grow that fast. Unfortunately, before May could have the abortion, she goes into labour. After Elliot pours holy water onto her, the baby tears it's way out of her stomach, fatally wounding May.


Bran and Sam return to the Tour Bus minutes later, and Sam immediately begins to try to save May. Bran kills May by emptying a clip into her head, and proceeds to empty another into the baby a moment later, killing it immediately. It's body is later removed from the Tour Bus by Coyote.

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