Denver, Colorado
Type City

Location Colorado, United States
Inhabitants Population - 649,495
Denver is the capital city of Colorado and is a main location throughout Season Two.

First appearing in "Get In, Loser. We're Going Hunting", Denver becomes a place of fear for the kids, having been the city where some of them were first arrested and where they met May.

Season Two Edit

OllieStan and Maggie find Bran in a Starbucks in Denver following his disappearance. With the help of Sam, they get the amnesiac Bran to accompany them back to the RV, but before they manage to leave Denver, a furious Bran leaves the RV, and the ensuing fight causes many of the group to be arrested and brought back to the police station. They are later broken out by Bobby and the parents though they return the next day to collect Gabe. While waiting for Gabe, Bran runs into a frantic May and Ollie realises that Elliot's foster parents and DEA Agents, the Joneses have followed them and are working towards bringing them in on domestic terrorist charges.

When Ollie is arrested again in "He Ruins Peoples Lives", he is brought back to the police station in Denver, where he is possessed by a demon.

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