Gabriel Davenport
Name Gabriel Davenport
Alias/Nicknames/Also Known By Gabe

Gabe Meerschweinchen

Place of Birth Newark, NJ, United States
Age 20
Date of Birth 19/01/87
Species Human
Occupation Hunter

Status Alive
Height 5'11
Family Cassandra Davenport (Mother)
First Seen S01 E01 - Pilot
Last Seen S03 E04 - "Danii Evans' Precious Little Life"
Actor Hunter Parrish

Whatever noise a guinea pig makes

– Gabe, probably, S02 E07 - "The Limit Does Not Exist"

Gabriel  "Gabe" Davenport is a twenty year old hunter from Newark, New Jersey. A sixth generation hunter, Gabe was raised in the life by his mother, Cassandra Davenport and his extended family, who focused primarily on werewolf hunting. 

After the death of his father and the rest of their family in a werewolf attack, Gabe and Cassie met with the other parents and kids and joined them in hunting on the RV.

Gabe was one of the quieter members in the group, often doing his own thing while the others were arguing or getting up to mischief. He took on the researcher role after Brandon left, and plays a large role in damage control.

In Season Two, Gabe became the first of the original group of kids to become a supernatural creature, having been turned into a WereGuinea-Pig in the penultimate episode. However, Coyote turns him back into a human in the second episode of Season Three.

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Little is known about Gabe's early life. He was raised into a hunting family, and as such grew up in the life, surrounded by hunters. In 2002, Gabe and Cassie attended an extended family gathering and Christmas party, but a pack of werewolves attacked, massacring near the entire family. Not long after this, they met up with the RV, and decided to join up with them, hunting as a larger group.

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