Jonathan Harker
Name Jonathan Harker
Place of Birth London, England
Age 55 (At date of death)
Date of Birth 18/09/1873
Date of Death 24/08/1929
Species Human
Occupation Solicitor/ Hunter

Status Deceased
Height 5'9
Family Wilhelmina Harker (Wife, deceased)

Malcolm Hawkes (Descendant, deceased)

David Harker (Descendant)

Margaret Hawkes (Descendant)

Brandon Hawkes (Descendant)

Demon Baby (Descendant, deceased)

First Seen S02 E08.5 - "Stop Trying To Make Family Happen" (Picture)
Last Seen S02 E08.5 - "Stop Trying To Make Family Happen" (Picture)
Actor Harry Treadaway
Jonathan Harker was a solicitor - turned vampire hunter. Born in London in 1873, Jonathan was part of the group who killed Dracula in 1897. After Dracula's death, Jonathan and his wife, Mina , turned to hunting vampires as their lives, raising their children and hunters and beginning the Harker family legacy.

History Edit

Jonathan Harker was a solicitor who traveled to Transylvania in order to conduct a business deal with Count Dracula, who was interested in purchasing an estate near Essex, England. While he is staying in Dracula's castle, Jonathan begins to realise that Dracula is not human. He barely escapes Dracula's castle and flees to Budapest, where he is taken in by nuns. His fiancée, Mina joins him there and nurses him back to health. The two marry in Budapest, and return to England together where they join with a group of men who are hunting Dracula. Dracula begins stalking Mina, and eventually turns her into a vampire. The group manage to run Dracula out of England and back to Transylvania, where they follow him and eventually manage to kill him. 

After Dracula's death, they return to England, and Mina and Jonathan begin hunting vampires as their life, beginning the Harker Legacy and their reputation for being "Vampire Hunting Royalty".

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