Lorraine Preston
Name Lorraine Preston
Alias/Nicknames/Also Known By Lorraine Shepherd (Maiden Name)
Place of Birth North Carolina, United States
Date of Death 07/09/01
Species Human
Status Deceased
Height 5'8
Family Dusty Preston (Husband)

Mary Preston (Daughter)

[[Brian Shepherd) (Brother)

Actor Charisma Carpenter

Lorraine Preston (née Shepherd) was the wife of Dusty Preston and the mother of Mary Preston. Unaware of the supernatural world, she was killed by a ghost haunting her family home in October, 2001.

Early Life Edit

Very little is known about Lorraine's early life. She had a brother, Brian, and was childhood sweethearts with Dusty. After he returned from the army, the two married and in 1989, Lorraine gave birth to their daughter, Mary.

In 2001, Lorraine and her family moved to a farm house in Florence, South Caroline, not knowing that their new home was haunted by a ghost. Both Lorraine and Dusty realised that something was not right with the house, and with no idea where to turn, the called a local pastor to reassure them.

Death Edit

On October 7th, 2001, the haunting escalated, with the ghost growing increasingly aggressive towards the family. Lorraine was pushed down the stairs by the ghost, and she died from a broken neck.

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