Mary Preston
Name Mary Preston
Alias/Nicknames/Also Known By Bloody Mary

Mary Troy

Place of Birth Florence, SC, United States
Age 17
Date of Birth 30/06/89
Species Human
Occupation Hunter

Status Alive
Height 5'6
Family Dusty Preston (Father)
First Seen S01 E01 - Pilot
Last Seen S03 E03 - "We Hate You, Please Die"
Actor Elyse Levesque

"Mary's gonna cut ya"

– Mary, S01 E03 - "Poor Life Choices"

Mary Preston is a seventeen year old hunter from Florence, South Carolina. The only child of Dusty Preston, Mary became a hunter after a ghost killed her mother.

After her mother died, both Mary and her father became mentally unstable, developing a blood lust and a deep loathing for ghosts. They eventually ran into the other parents and kids and joined them on the RV.

Mary was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder during the break between Season One and Two and takes medication for it throughout the second season. 

Mary is one of the group wildcards. She is very adept with knives, and is often used as one of the groups berserkers when necessary.

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Little is known about Mary's early life. In 2001, Mary and her parents moved to a farm house. Unaware of the supernatural, they didn't realise that the house was haunted when the typical signs began occurring. In October, the ghost pushed Mary's mother, Lorraine, down the stairs, breaking her neck and killing her. Mary was sent to stay with her grandmother, and when her father eventually returned for her, he had learned how to hunt, and began teaching his daughter to join him.

It is unknown how Mary and Dusty came to be on the RV.

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