Throughout season one and two, some short episodes were released to bridge the gaps between episodes and introduce some of the more 'daily life' aspects of the kids and how they dealt with their problems and injuries without cutting into the screen time of the main series. 

To date, there have been three mini-episodes, one in Season One and the other two in Season Two.

Mini Episodes Edit

Season One: Edit

S01 E02.5 - "On The Third Day": The majority of the main cast recover in Bobby Singer's safe house in Wichita Falls, Texas after the events of the Chupacabra hunt. The episode continues into the next day, detailing the chaos that ensues when the kids attempt to take a day off to recover and relax.

Season Two: Edit

S02 E02.5 - "Explain How You Forgot To Invite Us To Your Party": On the way to Alma, some of the kids decide to deal with their problems in a stereotypical teenage way - acquiring an ungodly amount of alcohol and hosting a pseudo - frat party in a Tour Bus.

S02 E08.5 - "Stop Trying To Make Family Happen": Set after the season finale, the mini-episode focuses on the days after the deaths of Bran and Ollie and show the rest of the kids trying to adjust to life again.