Name Necronomopizza
Alias/Nicknames/Also Known By Bob
Species Demonic Pizza
Status Who the fuck even knows anymore
First Seen S01 E03 - "Poor Life Choices"
Last Seen S02 E07 - "The Limit Does Not Exist"
Actor A Really Angry Looking Pizza
The Necronomopizza (also known as Bob) is a pizza that appeared in front of Brandon, Ollie and Stanley in the abandoned house in "Poor Life Choices".

It doesn't rot, and has appeared on the new RV in "The Limit Does Not Exist", to everyone's completely confusion.

History Edit

Season One Edit

The Necronomopizza first appears in "Poor Life Choices", When Stan, Ollie and Bran enter an old abandoned house and begin insulting the ghost that inhabits it for her interior decorating and her poor hosting skills. While they don't attempt to eat the pizza, Ollie brings it back to the RV to give to Elliot as a pet. Elliot affectionately names it 'Bob'.

Season TwoEdit

In "Get In, Loser. We're Going Hunting", the Necronomopizza is confiscated alongside the rest of the stuff taken from the RV, and presumably gone.

The pizza returns in "The Limit Does Not Exist", baffling Stan when he finds it in the new RV. Stan comes to the conclusion that the guinea pig who turned Gabe into a were guniea pig ate the pizza, turning it into a supernatural creature. He stores it in a safe in the hopes that it will stay there.

It is unknown how the pizza appeared on the new RV, or how that it hasn't rot in the six months since the kids first found it.