Nina Hawkes
Name Nina Hawkes
Alias/Nicknames/Also Known By Nina Wyndham (Maiden name)
Place of Birth London, England
Age 33 (At time of death)
Date of Birth 10/06/65
Date of Death 23/06/99
Species Human
Occupation Secondary School Teacher

Status Deceased
Height 5'5
Family Malcolm Hawkes (Husband, deceased)

Margaret Hawkes (Daughter)

Brandon Hawkes (Son)

Demon Baby (Grandson, deceased)

David Harker (Brother-in-Law)

First Seen S02 E05 - "He Ruins Peoples Lives"
Last Seen S02 E05 - "He Ruins Peoples Lives"
Actor Amy Acker
 Nina Hawkes (née Wyndham) was a London born secondary school teacher and the mother of Margaret and Brandon.

She died in a vampire attack on June 23rd, 1999.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Little is known about Nina's life before she met Malcolm Hawkes. She was an only child born to an extremely wealthy career-orientated couple and attended the University of Sheffield, where she studied secondary school teaching.

She met Mal in 1985, while he was in Sheffield and fell in love with him, knowing nothing of hunters or monsters. They settled down together and she graduated from college, becoming a teacher of French, English and Music at a private school in Sheffield. They had two children, Maggie and Bran, and Nina left her job until Bran was old enough to start attending school, when she went back to teaching. She loved her children deeply, and was close to both of them, though she shared more interests with Bran. She taught them both how to speak French and appreciate classic literature, and shared her love of music with Bran, whom she taught to play piano and guitar. 

Death Edit

On June 23rd, 1999 a vampire broke into her home and attacked her children. Upon discovering the attack, she rushed to the defence of her children, the vampire fatally injuring her while she protected them. After arriving home, Mal rushed her to the hospital, though she died en-route from blood loss.

Season Two Edit

A fake Nina appears in "He Ruins Peoples Lives". She appears to be a traditional housewife in Coyote's 1950s Town, and she chats with Maggie when her children return to the house. She becomes concerned when Bran refuses to look at her, and is shocked when Bran punches both Mal and Maggie and leaves the house angrily.

Physical Appearance Edit

Nina was of average height and slim build, sharing her daughter's brown eyes. She had dark brown hair which she wore long. She wore typical motherly clothes - jeans, jumpers and shirts, and had a particular fondness for sundresses when the weather was appropriate.

Personality Edit

Nina was a kind hearted and genuine woman who adored her children and loved her husband. Her absolute passion was teaching and she found great joy in educating. She was an extremely talented musician, playing the guitar and the piano and had a particular fondness for English literature and the French language, which she ensured both of her children were fluent in. 

She spent her little free time cooking or reading, and was particularly close to her son, with whom she shared many interests and hobbies.