"Boo, You Whore"
Season 02, Episode 02

Directed by G.O.D
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S02 E01 - "Get In, Loser. We're Going Hunting" S02 E03 - "She Doesn't Even Live Here"

The kids return to Denver to collect Gabe and meet an ex-girlfriend of Bran's from the six months he was missing.

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The kids leave for Denver, stopping off on the way for a brief pit stop where Ollie beats up Bran to get him to get over his self-pitying. Arriving in Denver, Bran goes to get coffee and runs into a furious Amelia Barnes. She claims to be his girlfriend, whom he abandoned a few weeks earlier. A confused Bran calls Ollie for backup, and the two make a break for it, though May catches up to them in a kitchen restaurant. Feeling something akin to his own psychic powers, Bran realises that she has them too. Ollie knocks her out with a frying pan and they bring her back to The Tour Bus in the hope that she can help Bran find Purple Eyes. As they leave the restaurant, Ollie sees Clinton Jones pass by, driving towards the Police Station they previously broke out of. Calling the others to warn them to leave, Maggie is sent to collect Gabe quietly and return. Gabe agrees though he is clearly unhappy leaving his new, normal life. 

The group meet back up on the Tour Bus and they rapidly leave Denver. A hysterical May begs Bran not to leave her and tells him that she thinks she's pregnant. She asks him to take her home, giving him a set of coordinates. Bran passes them onto the others, who are angry at being left in the dark and are trying to plan. They check the location of the coordinates and discover that they are for Alma, a town an hour outside of Denver. Bran points out that May had previously mentioned that she was from St. Louis, Missouri and that Alma was probably a trap. 

Maggie approaches May, attempting to talk to her and figure out what's happening. May reveals that Purple Eyes visited her family home, threatening her family and telling her that he'd kill her and her family if she didn't find Bran and bring him to Alma. Maggie shares this information with Bran and the Sniders, and knowing it's a trap, they decide to go anyway in the hopes that Bran could find out something about Purple Eyes.

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