"Stop Trying To Make Family Happen"
Season 02, Episode 08.5

Directed by G.O.D
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S02 E08 - "We Should Totally Just Stab Caesar" S03 E01 - "Tell It To The Cleaning Lady On Monday"
 During the aftermath of the season two finale, the kids try to come to terms with the death of Ollie and Brandon.


Three days after the events of Alma, the kids are on the RV, trying to decide what they're going to do now that the Apocalypse is over. Sam says that he intends to open a clinic for hunters, and Franko expresses interest in staying at Singer Salvage Yard as a mechanic. Stan calls Petra to tell her of her son's death, and she agrees to come and meet them. 

Maggie finds Bran's journal and discovers the notes that Bran and Ollie left before they died. Devastate, Maggie leaves the RV. Mal calls her, having been told of Bran's death by Franko, and she says that she will meet him in Denver

Mary, having been told about Alma by Elliot, arrives back in the US and calls Sam to come and collect her. When they return to the RV, she asks Elliot to come away with her for a while to hunt. Elliot agrees, and Franko decides to go with them when they leave.

Stan, Gabe and Danii are at a loss as to what to do, and the three attempt to stay busy in order to keep their minds off of their losses. 

Maggie confronts Mal in Denver, and his seeming lack of grief causes her to shoot him, killing him. She leaves for a hunt in Washington, where she receives a voicemail from Bobby about a man who arrived at his house looking for Mal. She calls the man, and he reveals himself to be David Harker, Mal's estranged brother. Maggie learns that Mal abandoned his family after meeting Nina, changing his surname and telling them not to contact again. Maggie is cold towards him, having given up on the idea of family after Bran's death. He asks her to meet with him in Seattle, and she agrees to consider it.

Three days later, she meets up with him at his hotel, and he tells Maggie that they are the descendants of Jonathan and Mina Harker, legendary vampire hunters who fought and killed Dracula in the late 1800s. He gives her the Harker journals and Maggie agrees to see him again in the future, as he has decided not to return to England. The episode ends with Maggie leaving David's hotel room, realising as she stands to leave that she has poured two cups of tea out of habit.


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