"Tell It To The Cleaning Lady On Monday"
Season 03, Episode 01

Directed by G.O.D
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The opening episode of season three, the episode follows the main cast, including the deceased Ollie and Brandon, attending Sunnydale High School, California. The characters appear to be almost entirely different people with different surnames, families and backgrounds.

Plot Edit

The episode opens with the kids getting ready for what seems to be a normal school day while Sam appears to be a gym teacher. All of the kids appear to have different backgrounds and families. The school day properly begins with Principal Snyder demanding that Sam takes over the biology classes for the day. Bran and Ollie appear shortly afterwards as two new students who have transferred from Macon, Georgia.

The school erupts into chaos as Sam is unable to control the class, instead ignoring them drinking and smoking in his presence and he brings them to the school gym, where he continues ignoring them. Most of the kids enjoy a particularly vicious game of dodgeball while Bran and Maggie strike up a conversation about their mutual dislike of America. After the bell rings, most of the kids head to their next class, though Sam co-opts Stan to teach his next biology on his behalf.

Elliot, who is Franko's step brother, followed him to the school and falls through the ceiling of the English classroom. Bran decides to call his father to force him to allow him to move school. His father is revealed to be Crowley, who is an incredibly successful lawyer. Crowley is unwilling to compromise so Bran hangs up, telling Ollie to call his father instead. After similar results, the two leave the school for a cigarette. They're caught by Snyder and given detention, though neither take it seriously. At lunch, the kids divide into three groups, with Elliot tagging along with Ollie, Bran, and Maggie. Danii and Mary are forced to stay in the school due to being juniors and the rest go off their own way.

At the end of the school day, Danii, Mary, and Danii's friend Kylie are in the girls locker room getting ready for cheerleading practice. Kylie finds a dead body in her locker and the girls realise that Frank is also in the changing room without their knowledge.

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  • All of the kids' surnames are bad references
  • Uses an alternate title card