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 Season three is the current season of Supernatural: Family Ties. It is unknown what the overarching plot is though the trailers indicate that Sam will be the focal character.

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S03 E01 - "Tell It To The Cleaning Lady On Monday": The kids go about their day-to-day lives in Sunnydale High School, California.

S03 E02 - "When Would It Be Convenient For You To Die?": The high school is revealed to be a Coyote world, and the kids find themselves trapped in an over the top horror movie.

S03 E03 - "We Hate You, Please Die": The kids attempt to resume their normal lives, but Coyote's not quite finished with them yet.

S03 E04 - "Danii Evans' Precious Little Life": The group struggle with the appearance of Bran and Ollie, and Danii has a confession to make.

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