Thaddeus Ross
Name Thaddeus Ross
Place of Birth Macon, GA, United States
Age 63
Date of Birth 05/01/43
Species Human
Occupation General of the US Army

Status Alive
Height 6'1
Family Petra Snider (Daughter)

Oliver Snider (Grandson)

Stanley Snider (Grandson)

First Seen S02 E05 - "He Ruins Peoples Lives"
Last Seen S02 E05 - "He Ruins Peoples Lives"
Actor William Hurt
 Thaddeus Ross is a US Army General and the father of Petra Snider. Though he is aware of hunters and what they do, he was furious when his daughter left college to marry Chuck Snider and always tries to get his grandkids to join the military whenever he is in contact with them

He is the maternal grandfather of Stanley Snider and Oliver Snider.

History Edit

Pre - Season Two Edit

Little is known of Thaddeus' life before his his appearance in season two. Orignally from Macon, Georgia, he was the father of Petra Ross. Having served in the Army for most of his life, he rose through the ranks and earned the rank of General.

Season Two Edit

After Ollie is arrested in "He Ruins Peoples Lives", Ollie uses his phone call to call his grandfather for help. Thaddeus arrives at the police station in Denver and, due to him knowing about the supernatural, agrees to help his grandson however he can. He is in the police station when the demon possesses Ollie, though it is unknown what he does after his grandson is seen breaking out of the station.