The 1950s Town
Type Town

Location Coyote's Fake World
Inhabitants Oliver Snider

Stanley Snider

Brandon Hawkes

Margaret Hawkes

Gabriel Davenport

Franko O' Brien

Elliot Bates

Mary Preston

Danielle Evans

Sam Tanner

Petra Snider

Chuck Snider

Malcolm Hawkes

Nina Hawkes

Cassandra Davenport

Dusty Preston

The Joneses

The 1950s Town is one of Coyote's fake worlds. Appearing in "He Ruins Peoples Lives", the town is where Coyote sends the kids after Ollie requests his help fleeing from the police.

Season Two Edit

In "He Ruins Peoples Lives", Ollie asks Coyote for help escaping from the police, and Coyote transports all of the kids to the town, giving them false memories. The town is comprehensive to the point of including fake versions of all the children's parents, living or dead. 

Ollie and Stan, after regaining their real memories, manage to hack the town in a manner similar to a video game and Coyote reveals himself, telling the kids to destroy the town for his amusement. He provides them all with grenade launchers with unlimited ammunition and allows the Sniders to enter 'God Mode', allowing them to perform impossible feats such as running through buildings and flying. 

The town deconstructs when Coyote is satisfied, and he transports the kids to a variety of places upon their request, including a spa and a battle during World War II.