The Asylum
Type Mental Institution

Location Coyote's Fake World
Inhabitants Oliver Snider

Stanley Snider

Brandon Hawkes

Margaret Hawkes

Mary Preston

Isabella Espinoza

Franko O' Brien

Sam Tanner

Elliot Bates

Danielle Evans

The Asylum was the first of the fake worlds that the Trickster, Coyote, created for the kids. An old, Gothic building, the Asylum was run by Coyote masquerading as Purple Eyes and employed fake versions of Amelia Barnes, Bubba, Cletus and Barry.

While the name of the Asylum is never said, the archway outside indicates that it's called Eichen House.

Season Two Edit

In the episode "You Can't Just Ask People Why They're Crazy", Coyote constructs the fake Asylum where he places the majority of the main cast. With fake memories in place of their real ones and no knowledge of the supernatural, the kids believe that they are patients in the Asylum for a variety of mental illnesses. The only one with any semblance of their real memories is Sam, who slowly begins to realise that his delusions are real, confronts Coyote, who reveals that his motive was his own entertainment. The Asylum is deconstructed when Coyote returns the kids to their own reality.

Patients Edit

The Asylum appears to have no patients other than the main cast, who are long-term residents for a variety of reasons, many of which seem to have manifested by the subconscious thoughts and problems of the kids.

Ollie suffered from extreme Anti-Social Behaviour and was checked in after a serious assault in which another man was hospitalized. He spent the majority of the episode restrained in a straight jacket, though it is shown that he can get out of it when he chooses to do so.

Stan displayed chronic paranoia, leading him to be distrustful of everyone and convinced of conspiratorial behavior. He voiced his paranoia frequently and often took offense at innocuous comments, and was the first to suggest killing Nurse Barnes.

Bran is shown to suffer from severe Schizophrenia, hearing the voices of many of his real acquaintances and family, including Crowley and Mal. Possibly a side effect, he also appears to suffer from chronic anxiety and depression, spending the majority of the episode quietly talking to Ollie.

Maggie is admitted due to paranoia and neurosis, causing her to be extremely hostile and aggressive. She butts heads with Nurse Barnes at every turn and has little time for the other patients.

Elliot appears as an African-American man in his mid-50s who believes himself to be a young Caucasian boy.

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