The Coon Shack
Type Biker Bar

Location Park County, Colorado
Inhabitants N/A
The Coon Shack is a bar where Ollie tries to go for a quiet drink after his attempts to make Bran and Stan to repair their relationship fails.

There are multiple branches of the Coon Shack that cater to the Coons - there are four in Colorado, at least one in Wyoming and an undetermined amount throughout the rest of North America.

Season Two Edit

The Coon Shack first appears in "She Doesn't Even Live Here" when Ollie leaves the Tour Bus in order to have a quiet drink away from the others. All does not go according to plan, however, when Bubba, the leader of a biker gang known as the Coons, provokes Ollie into a fight. Stan and Bran show up mid-fight and help Ollie beat the Coons into unconsciousness. They leave the Coon Shack to return to the others, taking several of the bikes with them.

The three return to the Coon Shack "He Ruins Peoples Lives" to start another fight to let off steam. However, the Joneses have already come through, leaving orders to call the police should they show up again. The kids leave, and Stan and Bran eventually manage to escape, though Ollie is arrested and later possessed by a demon.

The demon returns to the Coon Shack in "On Wednesdays, We Wear Red", and Stan meets him to save Ollie though he also gets possessed. Franko later destroys the Coon Shack in an attempt to kill the demons.