The RV Mk.II
Type Vehicle

Location Anywhere
Inhabitants Stanley Snider

Franko O' Brien

Margaret Hawkes

Mary Preston

Elliot Bates

Gabriel Davenport

Sam Tanner

Danielle Evans

The RV Mk.II was built by Stan and Franko after the destruction of the RV in "Get In, Loser. We're Going Hunting". Built over the course of Season Two, the new RV shares many parts with it's predecessor and is custom built to suit the kids and their needs.

Construction Edit

The new RV was built with the needs of the kids in mind, and also using what functional parts could be salvaged from the old RV. It is much larger than its predecessor and far more suited to contain ten people. 

Construction on the new RV began in "Get In, Loser. We're Going Hunting" and is finished in "He Ruins Peoples Lives".

Season Two Edit

The new RV is first seen post-construction in "He Ruins Peoples Lives". After Stan finds out that Ollie has been possessed, most of the kids get on the new RV to travel to Denver.