Willie the Snitch
Name William
Alias/Nicknames/Also Known By Willie the Snitch
Place of Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Species Human
Occupation Bartender/Information Broker

Status Alive
Height 5'11
Actor Saverio Guerra
Willie the Snitch is a recurring character in Season Three. A bartender in on of the Coon Shack branches, he helped Stan and Danii find the hoodoo doctor who gave Danii a new body.

Pre Season Three Edit

While searching for a way to get Danii a new body, Stan and Danii were directed towards Willie in a local branch of the Coon Shack. An information broker, Willie was happy to give them the help they needed - for a price. Since they stayed around for several months afterwards, Stan and Danii began selling their own information using Willie as a middle man, taking hefty cuts of his profits.